Sell products with your own cash register system

With the Pagewize POS cash register system you can also sell products in the store with your webshop.

Manage stock, manage pricing, give discounts, create customers and increase your sales.

Pagewize Point of Sale

Your own webshop with cash register for your store has never been so easy. An all in 1 system including payments, track & trace options and discounts.


After 14 days you can easily upgrade to Pagewize Website or Pagewize Webshop and get a free domain name with an annual payment plan. 

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Features you need and nothing else

A cash register system should be as easy as possible so that you can sell quickly. With that in mind, we have developed the Pagewize Shop and Pagewize POS.

All your products automatically in an easy overview

In your overview you will find all the products that you have added via the back-end. If your product catalog changes, the POS changes automatically, without you having to do anything. So simple.

Made for Tablet and Mobile, the ideal cash register for in your pocket

Your cash register is an important part of your store. Whether you're behind a desk, at a customer or on location... the Pagewize cash register is always at hand. The Pagewize POS can even be used by multiple colleagues. In the workplace or in the field.

Let your customers know that their package is on its way

Processing an order is super easy. Paste the track & trace code, change the order status and let your customers know that their package is on its way. Pagewize automatically sends updates via email to your customers.

Designs that make you stand out

Select a theme, choose the color palette that suits your business and fill the content. We do the rest.


Customer review

Pagewize is really the ideal solution for my company. It's easy, I could start right away with no experience and I can update my website on my phone. Perfect!

Lara Kwant


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