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Choice is a good thing, but too many choices can be confusing, or just plain annoying. Pagewize offers fewer, but smarter choices that get you the website you want, without the headache. Our flexible themes take the trial and error out of creating webpages. Design options built into each theme are tried and tested, by our very strict ‘less-is-definitely-more’ design team. Making sure you achieve great results everytime - what ever the content.

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Juxta mobile

Featured theme: Juxta

Anytime unlike things bump up against each other, you can describe it as a juxtaposition. Imagine chocolate ice cream and shrimps - you get the idea. The juxtaposition in this theme is between text, and images. Creating a playful theme, with dark and light colour palettes, that is designed to stand out from the crowd.

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Theme: Harmonic

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Theme: Metropolitan

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