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Registering your website with Pagewize

Michael Vermeulen
27 oktober 2021
Website Tutorials

Een website maken met Pagewize

In this video we explain how you can create your own website very quickly, without any knowledge of coding or experience.



You fill your website with content. Pagewize does the rest. Building pages is as simple as stacking blocks. Everyone can do that, right?



Your website is immediately suitable for desktop, tablet AND mobile and therefore looks fantastic on any device. We explain step by step how:


  • You can create your website
  • You can add content
  • You can customize your content
  • And you can put your website online

Registering your website

The first step is to register your Pagewize website.


Go to and click register.


On the registration form, enter your name, surname, email address and website title.


Since this is the tutorial to create your own site, I'm calling this website will now become the temporary domain name where you and visitors will soon be able to view the website.


If you want to change this to your own domain name such as, you can of course also do that with a Pagewize subscription.


When you click on sign-up, you will immediately receive an email with a confirmation link to activate the website.


If you click on the confirmation link in your email, your website is registered and you will arrive at the Dashboard.


From the dashboard you proceed with choosing a theme and then you start building the website.

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