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The dashboard of Pagewize

Michael Vermeulen
27 oktober 2021
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The dashboard of Pagewize

Ok, we have now imported demo content with the push of a button so that no less than 4 pages, 1 form and 1 post have been created and now take a brief look at the dashboard of Pagewize.


This is a handy overview to quickly see the statistics of your website AND to add content quickly.


Here you can see how many unique visitors the website has had, how many times the pages have been viewed and which pages are most visited.


You will also see the information about your subscription here, but we will come back to that later.


For now, the most important headline is, At a glance.


You can quickly go to the overview pages for creating pages, forms and posts.


To add new ones you can click on it and then you will go to the overview pages.

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