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6 advantages of cloud hosting via Pagewize

Rick van de Schepop
10 november 2020

6 advantages of cloud hosting via Pagewize

Many entrepreneurs forget, but if you have created a website, you are not quite there yet. You still have to put your website online and you need hosting or web hosting for that. You can see that as a piece of space on a server with your new website on it. Your website cannot be visited without that server. At Pagewize you get that hosting for free. In the form of cloud hosting to be precise.

What exactly is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is a relatively new form of hosting in which multiple servers are linked together. Your website is therefore not located at one location and one server, but is located in a large network of servers. OK nice. If your website is just shown to visitors, you might think. And rightly so. That is also the most important. But to be able to always display your website properly, cloud hosting offers you a lot of interesting advantages:

Maximum availability

Cloud hosting from Pagewize has the maximum availability. Your website will therefore almost always be up and running and is always available for yourself and visitors. When something goes wrong or certain hardware breaks, it simply looks for another server in the cloud and your website is still displayed. With normal web hosting, the server would then not be available - and your website would not be either.

Optimal scalability

Traditional web hosting offers a piece of space on one fixed server. If you get a lot of visitors to your website at the same time, that space is soon full and your website will not load or will load very slowly. You don't want that, because it costs your visitors. In those cases, cloud hosting also looks for an extra server, so that every visitor gets your website quickly and smoothly on the screen.

Cloud hosting is fast

Cloud hosting makes fast websites possible, because there is always a server nearby. You understand that a website loads faster when your website is on a server here in Arnhem than when your website is on a server in Australia. Because your website is on multiple servers, it automatically searches for a server that is closest to the visitor. Handy if you have international customers!

Extra benefit: Website speed is important. Not only for your visitors, but also for Google. Nowadays speed is a ranking factor and therefore fast websites usually score better in the search engines!

Edit your website anytime, anywhere

Thanks to the same properties of cloud hosting, your website can be edited anytime and anywhere. Are you on vacation and do you suddenly have a great idea for a blog? You can immediately write it and post it on your website. Without any problems, wherever you are. Because your website will of course continue to work. Even when you are on vacation.


The security of your data is very important. Especially today. With cloud hosting from Pagewize, your data is safely stored on multiple virtual servers instead of one central location. So you can always reach it if something breaks or if you have to deal with a virus. In addition, additional security measures are taken such as encryption and regular backups.

Cloud hosting is environmentally friendly

Sustainability is a hot item and cloud hosting is an environmentally friendly solution. Because it uses multiple virtual servers, fewer data centers are needed. And therefore less electricity! Good for the world and good for your business. Especially if environmentally friendly and corporate social responsibility are core values โ€‹โ€‹of your business!

Pagewize: all-in-1 website (including cloud hosting)

At Pagewize you get everything you need for your website in one subscription. You can easily create and manage your website yourself and you get cloud hosting with unlimited space for free. In short, no technical hassle and you never have to worry about the availability of your website. Very nice. Try Pagewize free for 14 days (no credit card required)!

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