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7 important matters at a website of the small entrepreneur

Michael Vermeulen
16 juni 2020

Today, a lot of business is done online. And even more important: in many cases, the search for a company also starts on the internet. Of course you then want to be found with your business. Be visible. And so many self-employed persons and small entrepreneurs have a website. But it doesn't always do what it's meant to do in the first place: inform and convince potential customers.


That's why today we give you 7 things that are important if you are a small entrepreneur with a website. Things to pay attention to if you want to manage an effective website.

1. A good basis

Okay, maybe a little obvious, but you really need a good foundation. That means a clear logo, a practical navigation menu and of course a contact page with all relevant information. That makes it easy for visitors to find what they're looking for. Don't have a good basis? Then you will see that they push or click on your website in no time. A mortal shame.


The layout also belongs to a solid foundation of the website of a small entrepreneur. Make sure your website works perfectly on various devices, is easy to read and preferably also easy to scan for visitors who do not have or take the time to read or view all the content on your website. At Pagewize you use themes that can guarantee all of the above. At least you don't have to worry about them anymore!

2. A clear homepage

The homepage is in many cases the most important page of a website of a small entrepreneur. So make sure it is up to date and communicates flawlessly who you are, what you do and what the result of that is. If possible, you can make that clear at a glance. The sooner they see whether you can help them, the more often they click through to another, more relevant page ... and the greater the chance that they will contact you or become a customer.

3. About us

One of the pages that visitors often click through to is the 'about us' page. As far as we are concerned, this is essential. People prefer to do business with someone they know. After reading a good 'about us' page you give your visitors the feeling that they know you better and you will see that they are more inclined to do business with you. Small effort, big result!


So don't forget to show yourself. A picture of yourself (and your employees) does wonders. Really. It literally shows who people have contact with and possibly do business with. That immediately gives visitors a familiar feeling. This works particularly well with the website of the small entrepreneur!

4. Communicating USPs

Often forgotten, but extremely important on the website of every small entrepreneur: unique selling points (USP's). Your USPs are the points where you distinguish yourself from the competition. In other words, why potential customers should be with you and not a door down the road. The more unique they are, the better. By mentioning them clearly on your pages, you can convince visitors faster!

5. Contact page

The contact page is of course part of a good basis. But it's so important that we'd like to give it some special attention. On the contact page you have to put your company details (name, address, KVK and VAT number) and all your relevant contact details (mail, telephone number, and possibly social media). This way, customers have everything at hand and can choose how to reach you.

Extra tip:even a contact form usually works well, but keep in mind that visitors do not like to leave their phone number. Just ask for an email address, for example, or make entering a phone number optional!

6. Call to actions (CTA’s)

Close each page with a so-called call to action (CTA). Tell them what to do. This can be done in different ways. Buttons with 'click here for more information', 'request a quote', 'order now' or 'subscribe to our newsletter' are common CTAs. This way you guide your visitors intuitively to the next step ... and you have an opening to get leads again!

7. The obligatory items

Yes, also the website of a small entrepreneur has some parts that really should not be forgotten. You can think of the (mandatory!) privacy policy in which you indicate how you deal with the data of your visitors, but also a piece of self protection by means of general terms and conditions and a copyright statement. It's nice, isn't it?

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