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What is CMS? And what can you do with it?

Michael Vermeulen
6 juli 2020
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If you're working on a website, you've undoubtedly heard the term 'CMS' mentioned before. Regardless of whether you are developing one or planning to build one yourself. Web designers work with a CMS and even if you are working on your own you need a CMS for your website. But what exactly is CMS? And maybe even more important, what can you do with it?

What is a CMS?

CMS is the abbreviation for Content Management System. It is so to speak the software with which you can manage your website content. With it you can easily add text, images, videos and other things to your website, but also with which you can adjust (parts of) the layout or design of your website. It is the underlying system that, together with hosting and your database, ensures a well-functioning website.


Well known CMS software:


And of course Pagewize!


Building without technical knowledge

A content management system enables you to build and maintain a website. You don't need to be able to program or write complicated code. This is often already included in themes and plugins, with which you can create a beautiful website or add specific functions to your website with just a few clicks of a button. So you don't need any technical knowledge at all!

Instead of designing your own system for creating web pages and developing all kinds of functions, you can lean on your CMS which will take care of it all for you. So you can focus on what matters to you: writing the best texts and placing the most beautiful images and videos.


Things that make your website unique and make you stand out from the crowd.

And how does a CMS work?

What is CMS without content to manage? Not much. That's why almost every content management system has an editor. In that editor you can type your texts, indicate what the headlines should be, where links should be, place images and so on. In short, create content. It's a bit similar to a text editor like Microsoft Word, so you can handle it in no time.


But you can customize other things too! With Pagewize, for example, you work with blocks. Blocks of text, photos, or whatever you want. You can fill each block yourself. Then you can also specify what you want it to look like. Large, small, square or round. With or without border and with or without background color. Pagewize even has a built-in photo editor! This way you can easily build your ideal website.

Easily add features

As you add and edit content, you can also design certain features and place them on your website. Think of contact forms that visitors can fill in, interactive maps that people can use to quickly find your company or a block with a slideshow of your images. In just a few clicks you'll have your own personalized version. The possibilities are almost endless.


So a CMS is an indispensable all-in-one solution for building and keeping your website up-to-date. Hopefully you now have an answer to the question 'What is a CMS?' and you've had enough explanation about how it works. So it's time to get to work with it and experience for yourself how simple it is! And that's why you can try Pagewize for free for 14 days now. Without being stuck to anything or having to enter your credit card details.

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