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Approving, mark as spam and replying to comments

Michael Vermeulen
27 oktober 2021
Website Tutorials

Approving, mark as spam and replying to comments

At a glance you see that 1 comment has been left on your demo news article.


If you click on this you will see an overview of all comments that have been left.


This is an overview of comments that you can approve, mark as spam or delete as an administrator of the website.


If you mark a comment as spam it will be removed.


If you approve a comment, it will appear below a news article.


If you respond to a comment, it will appear with your comment below the article.


The overview will then be empty again because this overview only shows reactions that still require an action, such as approve or delete.


Once a comment has been approved, it cannot be deleted.


So pay close attention to the comment that it is not spam or that the content is okay to show on the site.


Now that the overview is empty again, continue to the navigation of the website.

Creating and managing the navigation menu

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