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Creating and managing the navigation menu

Michael Vermeulen
27 oktober 2021
Website Tutorials

Creating and managing the navigation menu

Ok, now we are going to create the navigation menu of the website.


To get started, use the blue navigation bar.


If you click on navigation you will arrive at the overview page of the menu of the website.


Because we have imported the demo content, there are already a number of pages here.


Pagewize supports a menu structure up to 2 levels deep.


A main menu item and a sub menu item, also called first and second level.


By dragging menu items, you can easily change them in order and this is immediately visible on the website.


For example, if you drag the homepage all the way down, this will also be shown on the website. It is therefore important to create a clear menu structure for your website.


The homepage is the most important, that's why it's usually at the top.


You will see a “one” next to posts. This means that a second-level menu item has been added that falls under posts.


You are now going to add a menu item to your website.


Click the green button Add menu item.


You will first create a main menu item, so you click on first level. You can then give the menu item a name and link it to a page.


For this tutorial I will create a menu item called: Tutorials. I then link this to the category we created earlier, namely the tutorials category.


You only have 1 category of tutorials, but if you had created more I could have added more menu items here.


Click the green button to add the menu item to the navigation.


As you can see, this was successful and it has been added to your menu structure.


To make it stand out more, I drag it under the homepage. This will be saved immediately, so you don't have to save this anymore.


Now if you go to view site, you will see that the menu item has been added to your menu and is below the homepage.


If you have deleted a post or page, you can find it on the trash page.

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