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Michael Vermeulen
27 oktober 2021
Website Tutorials

Page header

Each page also has a page header. This is a large or small image containing the page title.


Click the Page Header tab to view it.


Here we see the image chosen for the demo content, the title, subtitle and some small settings to make it nice.


A large header is often full screen and a small header is smaller.


I like a full-screen header for the tutorial website, but I still want to adjust the image.


I click the trash can to delete the current image.


Then there will be a blue button with add image. When we click on that, the media manager opens.


Here you can select images that have already been uploaded, in this case they were uploaded by the demo content.


For the tutorial I want to add a new photo and click on upload images.


Then a window opens where we can select a photo that we want to use. I have one here that I like.


When it's uploaded, click on the image you just uploaded to indicate that you want to use it.


Then click on the green button to add the image to the header. As you can see the image has now changed to the photo you just uploaded.


You can easily indicate the optimal vocal point by clicking this button.


The titles aren't quite right either, so you'll need to adjust them right away.


From the header title you can: Create your own website with Pagewize and with the subtitle Within a few minutes. If you click on the preview button again, you can see what it will look like.


Looks fine to me, so let's move on.


By clicking on the page at the top left, you will exit the preview mode again.


If you scroll down we will see a blue apply button, this will ensure that the changes you have just made are saved.


Then there is 1 tab where you have to adjust something.


The SEO tab. Here you can optimize the page for search engines like Google.


By adding the right words here you can increase your findability on Google.


With the page title you describe exactly what the page contains in a short sentence. With Meta description you describe your page in 1 or 2 sentences.


On the right you see a Google example of how Google would display the page.


You can save any changes by clicking the blue apply button and then you have to save the page by clicking the green save page button.


Once the page has been saved, you will return to the Dashboard.

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