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The settings of your Pagewize Website

Michael Vermeulen
27 oktober 2021
Website Tutorials

The settings of your Pagewize Website

Now that you've customized all the content and know how it works, you still need to set up a few things about your site.


If you click on settings in the gray bar, you will see the dropdown menu with the five parts, general, themes, ceo, social media and your details.


If you click on general you will see the website title again, but you don't have to change it anymore. If you are not satisfied with it, you can always adjust it here.


You can also change the website language to English, Dutch, German, French, Italian or Spanish.


This will not affect the content of the site, but will automatically translate certain buttons and headings for you.


It is better to select a language here with which you also write the content. Do you have an English website? Click here on english.


Then you can add the logo, click on the trash can to remove the demo logo and add your own logo.


You do this again by clicking on the arrow and uploading your own logo in the media manager.


Here you click on the logo again and then on the green button to add it.


In addition to a logo, you can also place a website favicon. That is a small logo that becomes visible at the beginning of your URL that you see in your website browser in the tab.


This allows website visitors to recognize the website if they have multiple tabs open. This is also done in the same way as uploading the logo.


You can then indicate in which time zone you are and in what format you want to show the content. This is especially important for posts.


The settings that are there now are good for me and so I will leave it as it is.


You save this and then you can go to the next tab of settings.


This is the SEO tab. You won't cover this now because this is a tab for experienced users. If you would like more information about this, you can find it on the Pagewize website.


In the next tab you can set all kinds of things from sharing the site to entering your own social media channels.


The first part is the share buttons that can be displayed on the website.


If you, as a website owner, want the website to be shared, you can indicate on which channels this is possible.


The channels you can set up are: facebook, linkedin, pinterest, reddit and twitter. You can drag these to the right section to activate them. For this demo website I choose facebook and twitter. (drags facebook and twitter to the right)


You can also determine whether you want buttons, with icon and text, only icons or only text as a visual representation of the share buttons.


Usually I leave these as they are, so with icons and text.


You can also indicate which content can be shared, pages or posts. In this case, I usually choose pages and posts.


Now that you've had that part, you can also add your own social media channels.


By clicking on the dropdown, you can choose which channels you want to add. This is where you add all the channels you use.


As an example I add twitter and facebook and paste my links here. Now click on the green button again to save all settings and links.


Now you can move on to your details.


These are your contact details and/or company details.


This data is especially important if you are a business or want to run a shop.


You can then also show this information in the footer of the website. This is the lower part of the website.


For example, website visitors can contact you by telephone, in writing or by e-mail. If you have entered the data, you can set this on the next tab under themes.


Click on themes here you can build the footer.


You can choose which information you want to show in the footer.


As an example I add all 4 of them. With the green save button I save these settings again. If you click on view site again and scroll down, you can view the footer.


If all this is correct, you are done with your first website.


You can then publish the site on the dashboard. You've done this before.


If you ever want to change the site, you can set it back to unpublished. You then temporarily put the website offline and you can work on your website.


You only do this if you are going to make very large changes to your website, such as changing the theme, major home page changes and adjustments to the menu.


Now that the website is live, you can enjoy the 14 day trial version.


If you like it, you can easily upgrade the website via your dashboard.


If you have upgraded your account you can enjoy unlimited Pagewize for a low monthly fee.


You can also link your own domain name.


You get a free domain name if you purchase Pagewize annually.

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