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5 e-commerce trends that makes the difference (2022)

Michael Vermeulen
17 januari 2022
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5 e-commerce trends that makes the difference (2022)

In recent years, e-commerce has exploded. And for the time being, that trend seems likely to continue. It is therefore all the more important that your webshop meets all the requirements and conditions of the consumer. That it is up to date. Or better yet: that it exceeds the expectations of (potential) customers. That is why we have listed the most important e-commerce trends of 2022 for you. This gives you an edge over the competition!

Webshop trends in 2022 that makes the difference

When you search for e-commerce trends in 2022, you usually end up with long lists of things to focus on. Often so much that you can't see the forest for the trees. Or with things that are not (yet) feasible for your webshop. Just think of technological developments such as virtual and augmented reality or conversational AI (read: smart chatbots). They may not be completely relevant for your webshop yet. That is why we would like to give you a few e-commerce trends that you can do something with.

5 key e-commerce trends

Important factors with which you can make a difference in 2022. No matter how big (or small) your webshop is.


1. Optimize the customer journey

The customer journey or customer journey has always been important. It's the path your customers take from the first point of contact to the final sale… and it has to be right. You don't want any bumps on that road, because then potential customers will go to a competitor who does have his affairs in order. So it's high time to check your website statistics, check it yourself or - even better - ask your customers about it!


2. Social commerce

Social media is bigger than ever. Especially for web shops now that in-app purchases are gaining more and more ground. It is therefore important for 2022 to create even more content and share it on social media, preferably visually and in short formats for Instagram and TikTok. Be there. Answer questions. And, if possible, make sure that your target group can buy your products directly on social media!


3. Mobile Payment Methods

More and more people pay with their mobile phones. And rightly so, because paying with your smartphone is very easy. It also works wonders for your webshop: customers have to enter less data and more convenience = more orders. So make sure that your customers can pay via their favorite payment method: iDEAL, Apple Pay, Klarna and so on. They trust that and that gives your conversions a boost!


4. Go green

One of those e-commerce trends that we have been seeing for some time, but will now experience its definitive breakthrough in 2022: sustainable shopping! Consumers are increasingly opting for sustainable or environmentally friendly products and services. Do you sell naturally-friendly products or do you use a green delivery service? Then don't hesitate to name it or even emphasize it!


5. Flexible Delivery

Delivery time is important. A delivery time that is too long or unclear is killing for your conversions. So you have to get that right anyway. But something more will be added in 2022. Flexibility is one of the most important e-commerce trends in the coming year. This means that people increasingly value the options of delivery options and times. Can customers choose whether their order will be delivered on the weekend or in the evening? Then you have that edge!

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