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All-in-1 website with hosting?

Kasper Kwant
25 maart 2021

All-in-1 website with hosting? Choose Pagewize!

As an entrepreneur you are busy. Busy with recruiting new customers, busy with carrying out your work, busy with your administration and so on. Creating (and maintaining) a website often falls short. Understandable, but also awkward. A business website is a must nowadays. You cannot ignore that. To make it as easy as possible for you, Pagewize comes with an all-in-1 website with hosting. That saves a lot of time… and hassle!

Why an all-in-1 website with hosting?

There is a lot to consider when creating and maintaining a website. You have to choose a domain name, develop a design, actually build the site, write texts, take good website photos, and so on. Not to mention the technical side, such as setting up hosting and mail servers. Chances are you don't understand that. And otherwise you probably miss the time for it.


An all-in-1 website with hosting offers a solution. With this you can easily create a responsive website that works on laptops, telephones and tablets and is thus available online for your customers ... without the need for technical knowledge! That way you don't have to outsource anything and you can just work on your site yourself. Just at a time that suits you best.


You get the hosting for free. You never have to worry whether your website is online again!

Maar ik kan toch helemaal geen website bouwen?

Wel met de alles-in-1 website van Pagewize! We hebben namelijk allerlei mooie thema’s voor je klaargezet. Kies een thema dat past bij jou en je bedrijf en je hebt meteen al een mooie basis zijn. Je kunt vervolgens zelf de kleuren aanpassen naar je huisstijl. Onze thema’s zijn al mobielvriendelijk en beschikken over alle functies die je je maar kan wensen … en anders voeg je die met een paar klikken op de knop gewoon zelf toe!

And maintaining?

Maintaining your website is also very easy. Our all-in-1 website is equipped with a simple and user-friendly content management system (CMS). This allows you to easily fill your pages with, for example, texts, images, videos, maps and handy contact forms. In no time you have a new blog online that you can share on social media. Adding content has never been easier and faster!

All-in-1 website with hosting? Choose Pagewize!

If you have created your website and added content, you naturally also want to be found in Google. We understand. That's why we've added search engine optimization (SEO) features. With this you can ensure that you get better positions in Google. You don't have to hire an expensive marketing agency! In addition, you can view and update your website statistics in your personal dashboard. Also useful to know!

Website with hosting

With an all-in-1 website it is very easy to create and maintain a website. But you also need hosting to keep your website up and running. At Pagewize you get a website with hosting for free. With our cloud hosting you benefit from fast loading times, you ensure a safe environment and you automatically scale up if you get a lot of visitors. This way your site remains available always and everywhere.

All-in-1 website with hosting is all you need

The all-in-1 website with Pagewize hosting has everything you need and nothing you won't be using anyway. Simply in one convenient subscription. That way you know exactly where you stand. Very nice.


Want to try first? Which can! You can now try Pagewize for free for 14 days. Without software installations and without the need for a credit card!

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