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Easily add content to your own website? Choose Pagewize!

Michael Vermeulen
15 mei 2020

Adding website content is important. It's the texts, images and/or videos you use to let your visitors know who you are and what you do. You can use them to inspire visitors or convince them to join forces with you or your company. In short, website content is very important for your visitors. In terms of appearance and content.


But up-to-date website content is also important for Google. By continuously providing your website with new content you show the search engines that you are active. That you want to reach people and that you have something to say. Without getting too technical: that's what Google appreciates. And so you will gradually appear higher and higher in the search results and attract more visitors to your website. Not unimportant either, right?

Add your own website content

Your website content is yours. It tells your story. Of course you also want to have a proverbial finger in the porridge. With Pagewize it's easy to add your own website content. You don't need any technical knowledge. Let alone that you know anything about coding, programming or even graphic design. Exactly the content you want, right in your theme.

This is how it works

When you are logged in, you get to the so-called dashboard where you can see the statistics of your website. There you will also find the menu where you will find everything you need: editing web pages, writing and publishing articles, creating contact forms ... you name it. We will gladly explain it to you in more detail.


 At Pages, you can create and modify web pages. Under the heading 'Page' you first give your page a name and then you can start right away. Add a block of images, videos, apps, contact forms, or just some text, and you're ready to go. In the editor you can type your text and edit it right away. Bullet points, bold words, links to other pages on your website ... It's all controllable at the touch of a button.


Under the heading 'Page header' you can set a header if you like. An image at the top of the page with an inspiring title and subtitle. That image can also be adjusted as you like. Blur the background or make the image transparent to make the text stand out better. You are the boss!


At Forms you can create your own contact forms or let people subscribe to your newsletter, for example. The easiest way to get visitors or potential customers to contact you or get their details. You can easily define your fields, set whether they are mandatory and give them a title. So you write the text that will appear in the fields and on the button.


You can also add website content in the form of a blog where you can tag all your pages and messages. It works the same way as Pages, but it's automatically poured into the form of a blog for you. Without you having to worry about it yourself. That's nice.

And there's more!

And there are even more possibilities! For example, under 'Comments' you can manage the comments on your blogs, under 'Navigation' you can change the menu structure, and under 'Settings' you choose a theme, select your color palette, create links to social media and enter your contact details. It's nice when potential customers can reach you, isn't it? Oh, and did you accidentally delete something? No problem. Could happen. Under the heading 'Trash' you'll just find what you've made before, so you can fix it in no time!


Oh, and did you accidentally delete something? No problem. Could happen. Under the heading 'Trash' you'll just find what you've made before, so you can fix it in no time!

Easier than drag & drop

Many other content management systems (CMS) work with so called 'drag & drop'. You drag and drop website content to the desired position, giving you hundreds or even thousands of extra options. This may seem convenient, but in practice you often lose the overview. Pagewize makes it a lot easier for you.


Experience for yourself how easy it is to add website content with Pagewize. You can now try it for free for 14 days. You don't need a credit card. Just get started right away!

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