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How can you choose the best domain name?

Michael Vermeulen
17 augustus 2021

How to choose the right domain name?

Choosing a domain name is very important for your business. In fact, it can make or break your new business. Especially if you plan to use your website commercially and generate many new leads with it. But how can you best choose that new domain name? What should you pay attention to and what should you take into account? We give you 5 tips for a domain name with which you can lay the foundation for online success.

What does a domain name actually mean?

A domain name is in fact nothing more than the name of your website. The address that people type in the search bar to get to your website (so just something like This also immediately underlines the importance of the domain name; with a clumsy name, visitors or potential customers may have trouble reaching your website. And of course you don't want that.

Choosing a domain name: 5 tips

To help you choose a good domain name, we have listed a number of useful tips for you. All things to think about or to keep in mind. Let's get started quickly.

1. Keep it simple

Choosing a domain name has a lot of influence on how easily people can reach your website. So keep it as simple as possible. Short is better than long, avoid dashes (-) and numbers and avoid double letters if possible. This ensures that your website name is easy to pronounce and type. And believe us, you will reap the benefits later.

2. Make your name recognizable (and unique)

You should always choose a unique domain name. After all, it is also the address of your website, so it can never be the same as an existing website. But above all, your website name must be recognizable. Easy for customers to keep. Therefore, do not think of a generic name, but go for something that stands out and with which you can distinguish yourself from the competition. Such a name also helps you with more effective branding of your brand.

3. Go for a scalable name

Suppose you sell chairs. Or coffee beans. Then you can choose a website name that shows this (for example or But suppose you also start selling tables or organic tea? Then such a name does not really attract the attention of people looking for a table or a bag of tea. That is why it is better to choose a scalable domain name. Especially if you have the ambition to grow with your company.

4. Choose the correct extension

Have you come up with a nice name? A simple, but recognizable and scalable name? Beautiful. Then you have to choose a Top Level Domain (TLD) or extension. That's what comes after the period (.nl, .eu, .com and so on). You also have a lot of options with .shop, .biz and personalized extensions. Still, it is better to just choose a .nl, .be or .com domain name. For most people, that is just a bit more reliable.

5. Examine your ideas

Website name? Check. Extension? Check. As a final step, it is best to research your intended website name. First check with a domain name checker whether your intended name is still available at all. Is that the case? Then type it (without extension) in Google and check the results. Is there a website that is very similar? Is there a lot of competition from large, well-known companies or sites? Then maybe it is better to choose a different domain name ...

Choose domain name at Pagewize

At Pagewize you can choose your own domain name. You get this for free when creating your website and taking out an annual subscription. After the free trial period you can then connect any domain name to your website. Any name and extension is possible, as long as they are still available.

Good luck!

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