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Creating and managing forms

Michael Vermeulen
27 oktober 2021
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Creating and managing forms

Ok, let's create a form now.


From the dashboard, click on forms.


This will take you to the overview page of all forms that have been created.


Forms are contact forms where the website visitor can fill in data that you then receive via email.


This is super useful if, for example, a website visitor has questions, wants to request a quote and the like.


The demo content has created a sample form for us.


Clicking on this will take you to the edit page. This page is very similar to editing a normal page, namely with blocks.


First of all I give the form a name, in this case I want website visitors to be able to ask me a question if they don't understand something about this tutorial.


I give it the name: Can't figure it out? Contact us!


There are already 4 blocks created for us, namely:

first name

last name

e-mail address and

how can we help.


By means of the field content check marks you can see what kind of blocks these are.


A textfield is a short text, text area is a large text field and the e-mail address field is meant for e-mail addresses.


If I wanted to add a field I can do that in the yellow bar, but what you have now is fine in principle.


In settings you can also add a description and make the block mandatory. This is not necessary for this example.


Now that all fields are correct and the title is inviting, you will adjust the send button.


Instead of send, make it your business: Request help!


At e-mail address you enter your own e-mail address, such as


This will ensure that all requests are delivered to that email address.


Now that you have made all the changes and the form has been sent to the correct e-mail address, you can save it.


Click the green save button to save the form and all changes.


Then you return to the Dashboard.

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