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5 tips for good website photos

Michael Vermeulen
13 januari 2021
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5 tips for good website photos

A picture says more than 1000 words. A cliché, but no less true. With a photo you transfer an image in a split second. A feeling. An idea. And otherwise you might need a whole lot of text for that. It is therefore important to have good images and photos on your website. That is why in this blog we give you 5 tips for website photos with which you give your company a recognizable face and put it on the map with potential customers.


Let's go!

Why are website photos so important?

Using good website photos has many advantages. First, websites with images get more views. Visitors love it. And Google too. With a few good images you will also get higher in the search results. In addition, photos bring your company, your products and / or your services to life. It gives visitors an idea. Literally. That helps convert them into actual customers. To entice them to purchase or request a quote.

5 tips for better website photos

Follow the tips below and you will use better website photos in no time!


Tip 1: Make a plan

In addition to your website theme, website photos also largely determine the look and feel of your website. It is therefore smart to think in advance what kind of photos and images you need and what you want to show on them. For example, think of headers, product photos, atmospheric images or photos of your office and your employees. With a tight plan you avoid having to hire a photographer again!


Tip 2: Be relevant

Only use website photos that are relevant to the page they will appear on. They are intended to support or improve the information on your page. So it is better not to arrive with a photo of a cup of tea when you are talking about the best espresso beans. It may sound like kicking in an open door, but you'll be surprised how often we see this go wrong.


Tip 3: Use people

Photos of people give your company or organization a face. And that's important, because people want to do business with other people. Not with companies. Photos of real people also communicate authority and trust. Just what you want. Therefore, preferably do not use stock photos of such customer service, but let photos shoot yourself and any colleagues. They give the most confidence.


Tip 4: Show don't tell

Show don't tell is an advice we often use when writing texts, but it also applies to your website photos. It is better to use photos that actually show something. So action photos. For example, show how your product is used in practice or how you, as a painter, work when painting a living room. That makes much more impact than a single product photo with a white background or a close-up of your face!


Tip 5: Optimize!

Of course you need good quality website photos. But they are usually "heavy" and take a long time to load. That can cost your visitors. They don't like slow websites. So it is better to compress and crop your images to the correct format. Likes Google too. And while you're at it, you immediately give images and photos a smart alt-text with the keyword you want to be found on. That also helps! This is of course possible within Pagewize, so you do not have to use additional programs.

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