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Your website speed is important. This is why

Michael Vermeulen
7 juni 2021

Your website speed is important. And this is why.

Website speed. You may not immediately think of it when you create your website. You will probably first deal with the design, which pages you should have and your content. Logical, because that's what you see. That's what visitors see. However, website speed is also really important. You can read here why that is the case and how you can increase that speed!

Why is website speed important?

Your target audience is always online. Either your customers are sitting behind their laptop at work or they have a smartphone in their hand that they use to search for your products or services. The whole idea of that online search is that they quickly end up at the right website. That they quickly get hold of the right company (your company). If your website does not load quickly, your visitors will be gone in no time. Before they even see your website.

So if you don't want to lose potential customers because your website loads too slowly, you should also focus on your website speed!

Also for Google!

Website speed is important for real visitors and customers, but also for Google. The loading speed is one of the factors that influences your ranking. How high you are in Google. Not surprising, because the search engine naturally wants to give its users the best results and you now know that a fast website is also part of that. In short, the speed of your website also indirectly impacts the flow of new customers that come to your company via the search engines!


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How can you increase your website speed?

There are a lot of things you can do to improve your website speed. These are the 3 things with the most impact:


1. Fast hosting

Hosting ensures that your website can be reached online. With hosting you rent a kind of space on a server and that server has a lot of influence on how fast your website loads. With a website from Pagewize you get free cloud hosting. In addition, your website is on multiple servers, so that there is always a server close to the visitor and you can exchange data more easily. With a higher website speed as a result!


Read all the benefits of cloud hosting at Pagewize here.


2. Clean Code


Your website consists of code. From HTML, CSS and for example JavaScript. Of course you want that no unnecessary codes and scripts are loaded and that the code of your website is clear, so that it can be read quickly and easily by your web browser. With Pagewize you don't have to worry about that. All our themes are mobile-friendly and optimized so that your website loads quickly on all devices. You don't have to write a word of code yourself. So nice.


3. Optimized Visuals

Text generally loads quickly, but visuals such as images and videos sometimes take a little longer. It is therefore important for your website speed that you optimize it. And by optimizing we mean that you make those visuals as small as possible in terms of file size. Of course without compromising too much on quality. For example, it is often not necessary to have your new website load photos in the highest resolution, because they will still be displayed relatively small on your website.


Would you also like to benefit from a high website speed?

Then create your website with Pagewize! With lightning-fast cloud hosting and optimized themes, your website is basically always fast enough for visitors and for Google. All you have to do is optimize your images yourself!

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