Using apps within Pagewize

Pagewize currently supports 2 apps and an embed block where you can embed different types of content and apps. The Apps that Pagewize currently supports are: Google Maps, Soundcloud and the freely fillable embed block.

What is Embedded?

Embedding means to include something. This usually is a photo, video or audio file that has been published somewhere else. By embedding you can show content from another website on your own Pagewize website.

Google Maps App

The Google Maps App allows you to display your location with Google Maps. Simply enter your address and Pagewize will suggest suggestions based on what you've entered. Click on the result and the rest will be filled in automatically. As soon as you click apply the Google Maps app will be added. You can add a description here if necessary.


You can also choose in settings which color the maps display should have, whether you want to show labels and controls and you can optionally give the block a background color.

Soundcloud App

With the Soundcloud App you can add music that is on soundcloud to your website. This can be a single track, album or playlist. On soundcloud you can click on share and then select “embed”. Then copy and paste the code into the input field to add it to your website.

In the settings you can then choose which position you want to place the player in. Left, right or centered. Note that each theme has its own view for this block, so how it looks exactly can differ.

Embed App

With the “embed” block you can actually add any app if you can get the embed code. The embed block is therefore endless, but does require some experience. You have to place a code in the block that is then placed on your website. Think of reservation forms, appointment modules, etc. These are often tools that are used outside of Pagewize and that make a code available to website owners. Pagewize does not give support on embedded code. If you have any questions about the code that you can place here, it is best to contact the company that provides the code for you.