Website settings

Settings of your website

On the settings page you can see and adjust all the settings of your website.


In the general settings you can give your website a name, upload your logo and set the time in which the website should show content.


Note that if you choose a dark theme, you should use a light colored logo because of the dark tones of the theme.


The favicon is a small icon, usually the logo's emblem, that appears in your browser tab.


With themes you can choose a theme with a color palette that best suits your company. You can also choose what information you want to show in the footer.


And to give you a boost if you don't know how to get started, you can also import demo content (link). This will put a kind of demo website on your website with pages, images and posts so you can see how it works. You can customize this with your own content.

SEO (search engine optimization)

In the SEO settings you can enter your Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Facebook pixel codes. This will ensure that you get more information about the visitors to your website.


You can also add your meta description and keywords here, so that your website will be found even better on Google and other search engines. For more information about Google Analytics, click here (link).

Social Media

You can share your website in different ways and channels. We have added the most used channels and as an administrator you can decide for yourself which channels your website can be shared on. You can also change the style to buttons, buttons with icons or just icons.


You can show your social media channels in the footer, but these must be added first. You can add social media channels by clicking on the dropdown and selecting which social media channel you want to add. Then add the link and then save the page. If you want to add multiple channels, that is also possible.


You can turn social media channels on or off at your theme setting, or click here (link).

Your details

At your details you can enter information about your company, enter the contact details and add things such as your Chamber of Commerce. This is especially useful if you actually have a business or if you want to run a shop.


This information can also be shown in the footer of your website and you can switch it on or off in your theme setting, or click here (link).