Single images or a gallery?

If you do not want to add individual images, but rather multiple images, you can choose to use a gallery. The gallery feature has 3 different styles including Mosaic, Thumbnail and a Carousel. Of course it differs for what purpose you want to use a gallery to determine exactly which one you want to use.

Mosaic gallery

The so-called Mosaic gallery ensures that you create a beautiful gallery where the images adapt themselves to size and are therefore displayed in a nice frame. The big advantage of this is that all images are shown without having to click on arrows or something similar. The disadvantage is that some images are cut off and that can sometimes not turn out well. We do have a handy function here to prevent this. Namely the focal point functionality. Allows you to select a point of a photo that is most important.

You can also not add descriptions to the photos with a mosaic gallery. So if you want to place extra text, it's better to choose another gallery.

Thumbnail galerij

For example, a thumbnail gallery is 2, 3 or 4 photos side by side in the same format in a list view. For example, you can upload 12 photos and display them in 3 rows of 4 on the website.

The thumbnail gallery also allows you to add descriptions to photos.


A carousel gallery is a gallery where you get to see 1 photo in a large size and you can switch photos by clicking the arrows next to the big photo. This is the ideal gallery if you want to display large photos. The carousel gallery also supports descriptions below the photos.