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What is blogging and how do you do it?

Michael Vermeulen
7 juli 2021
Tips & Tricks

What is blogging and how do you do it?

If you own your own business and you're starting out with online marketing (or you've been doing it for a while), you've undoubtedly come across this piece of advice: start a business blog! But what exactly is blogging? Why is it important? And what should you pay attention to if you want to start such a blog?

What is blogging?

A blog is really nothing more than an online article in which you share information. Often in an informal and personal way. You may also know it under the name weblog or blog post. All the same. Blogging then logically means writing and publishing those articles. Includes images and other website photos. Often readers can also respond or comment so that you start a conversation with your readers ... or target group.

3 reasons why blogging is important

Blogging is important to your business. Or at least it could be very important. There are many benefits to blogging regularly. Namely:


1. You show that you are an expert

By regularly sharing your knowledge in a blog, you show that you are an expert in your field! You position yourself as an expert and therefore potential customers will be more inclined to work with you if they have a problem that your services or products can help with.



2. You increase your findability in Google

By blogging you increase your findability in Google. With blogs you add new content and show Google that your website is still up to date. In addition, your blogs themselves will of course also be shown in Google. Especially if you blog with SEO in mind, you will also attract more visitors to your website!


3. You effectively reach new customers (and for free)

Your blogs are read by people who are interested in your field, in your services or in your products. An advertisement in a weekly newspaper or the local newspaper is mainly seen by people who are not relevant to your business, but among the readers of your blog are a lot of potential customers. And the beautiful? Keeping a blog is free too!

How should you blog?

Starting a business blog is very easy. Especially with Pagewize. You just need to create a blog page with our content editor or your own CMS system and start writing articles. But blogging without a plan often doesn't last long and it's important that you keep publishing regularly to reap the benefits. Business blogging is also a long-term strategy.


To make blogging easy, we have some tips for you:


Think of many topics in advance

It is smart to think of many topics in advance. This way you don't suddenly find yourself with your hands in the hair on Friday afternoon because you can't come up with anything and really have to post a blog. Try to place yourself in your target group and especially in their problems and wishes.


Think articles before you write

You've made fresh coffee and opened your laptop to start writing… but then what? You know your topic, but what exactly are you going to say about it? Before you start writing, try to think out your article. What do you want to say? What questions will you answer? Make a list and go through them one by one. For example, this article addresses the questions: what is blogging, why is a blog and important and how do you do it. In that order.


just start

Writing something is better than writing nothing. And don't worry if it's not perfect all at once. You will gradually become better at blogging and you can always easily update your old articles. Also check our tips for strong web texts and get off to a flying start right away!

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