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How to make your website findable in Google

Michael Vermeulen
7 september 2021

How to make your website findable in Google

You have had a website made. Or maybe you have toiled for hours yourself. But in the end, your website is now completely perfect. Ready to receive all those digital visitors. To generate leads or attract customers. But that is ultimately disappointing. New visitors do not automatically come to your website. You have to do something for that: make your website findable in Google. But how do you do that?

Why do you need to increase your website findability?

Do you need new shoes? Do you want to know how to remove that green deposit from your garden tiles? Or are you on a city trip and want to have a nice cup of coffee somewhere? Chances are your search starts on Google. And you are not alone. Everyone uses the search engine continuously. So does your target audience. If you are not easily found, potential customers will attract competitors who are found well and you will miss out on sales. Do not you want to!

How can you make your website findable in Google?

To make your website findable in Google, you have to optimize it. We call this Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You design your website in such a way that you rank higher in Google. In general, with SEO you focus on improving three things: technique, content and authority.


1. Technique

Google wants to present its users with good and usable websites, so the technology behind your website must be flawless. In practice, this mainly means a fast, responsive website with clean code, a clear navigation structure, a sitemap and good security in the form of SSL. Sounds complicated, but it doesn't have to be. The combination of Pagewize themes with super-fast cloud hosting already takes care of that. So you don't have to worry about it anymore. That hurts again.


2. Content

Content is the content of your website that visitors can see. Think of your web texts, images, videos, maps with your location and so on. It is important to optimize this content for so-called search terms. That way, Google knows exactly what your website or page is about and how relevant your information is for its users. The more relevant, the better… and the more likely you are to rank higher in Google. With Pagewize you can easily add that website content without having to code or program!

Tip: By choosing smart keywords, you can make your website findable for your potential customers and get more sales from your online marketing. For example, do you sell garden tools? Then it is a good idea to focus on 'buy lawnmower' instead of just 'lawnmower'. People who search for that are already able to purchase a lawnmower, where people who just google lawnmower are often still looking around or just want to know more about various types.


3. Authority

Authoritarian websites score better in Google. It is therefore important to increase the authority of your website to make your website findable. You usually do this by scoring good links from other relevant websites to your website (and you do that with good content that others want to link to! And do you sponsor the local football club? See if you can get a link in return on their website Or register your company and your website with a trade association!

Want to make your website findable in Google?

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